1. An inquiry shall not become a booking until such time as the completed Booking Contract has been received by the Groups Coordinator of The Crossing Backpackers.
  2. The completed Booking Contract can be returned by email or post.
  3. All bookings are taken on a first in, first served basis, sorry we do not take tentative or “pencil-in” bookings.
  4. The purpose of the Booking Contract is to provide “The Guest” a guarantee of accommodation and catering for “The Guests” elected dates and numbers.  The information requested and given in the Booking Contract ensures the best quality products and service are available to “The Guest” within “The Hosts” means.
  5. Availability will be confirmed upon receipt of the Booking Contract.  Please note if none of the elected dates are available the Booking Contract will not become effective.
  6.  You will be asked to advise the minimum number of persons to attend.  This will be your minimum booking and billing number.  This number may be adjusted up but not down.  After the date 1 calendar month prior to arrival the booking number can only be increased further upon approval of “The Host” and no later than one week prior to arrival.
  7. If you are travelling by Chartered Bus, to meet standard protocols the bus drivers will be allocated private quarters away from student accommodation and facilities, these quarters will be the best accommodation available at that date, eg Family or Ensuite Unit.
  8.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is to be paid no later than one calendar month prior to arrival date.
  9. The remaining balance of the account must be paid on or before arrival.  Any additional meals or on site activities must be paid before departure.
  10. Any charges incurred for cleaning, loss of lodge property, damages (eg graffiti) or false fire alarms (eg alarm tampering) will be charged to “The Guest” and payable within 7 days of date of invoice.
  11. All cancellations will result in the forfeit of the 50% deposit or a 50% cancellation fee to be charged to “The Guest” and payable One Calendar Month prior to booked arrival date, or within 7 days of cancellation, whichever date occurs first.
  12. Any unpaid balance after 14 days overdue will incur a penalty of 20%pa.  This applies to Un-paid Balances, Cancellation Fees and Additional Charges as per the stated terms.  In addition, after 3 months any unpaid invoices will be passed on for debt collection, all costs relating to debt recovery will be payable by “The Guest” including legal fees.
  13. The Crossing Backpackers as an accommodation provider offers no guarantees as to the availability of the activities in the area or suitability of conditions for those activities for the duration of your booking and therefore cannot be held responsible or liable in any way.
  14. School Group Bookings: The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the Principal and the Teacher in Charge as representatives of “The Guest” with financial authority, by signing the Booking Contract show that our Terms and Conditions have been  understood and accepted and is the intent  of The School to make a confirmed booking with “The Host” in accordance with these terms.