We offer good quality Home-style Meals … and plenty of it!

With an eye to quality produce and balanced nutrition, we provide meals that will sustain mental and physical energy in accordance with the demands of the activities of your camp. We also encourage everyone to come back for seconds, or thirds… No-one need go hungry.

For those who have Medical, Cultural, or Ethical dietary requirements, we can accommodate for most situations, however in more severe or restrictive cases we recommend those individuals bring their own food, we can adjust the booking to reflect this.

Prior to arrival we ask that the Teacher in Charge fills in a Special Dietary Requirements form and returns it to us no later than 1 week prior to arrival.

Dinner Time

Standard Meals

(as included in the Catered Package)

Dinner & Dessert Includes the following food groups: Meat, starch, vegetables, salad, garlic bread or dinner rolls
Continental Breakfast Selection of 4 cereals, tinned fruit, toast and spreads
Packed Lunch Per person; 2 sandwiches, 1 piece of fruit, 1 muesli bar, 1 cookie twin pack

Optional Upgrades on Breakfast

Baked Beans & Spaghetti

If you have something else in mind please discuss with us how we can better meet your needs.